The social scene is a very important part of fraternity life and at Phi Gamma Delta we seek to make the most of it. Whether it is through sorority exchanges, quarterly parties, or formals, we make the most of our social lives. Even when there isn’t an official social event planned, there’s never a shortage of brothers looking to have a good time and being neighbors with 8 sororities makes that pretty easy to do. Below are some of the social events we hold throughout the year:

FIJI FrightFest: Irvine’s one true reason why you don’t have to go to Santa Barbara to have a great Halloween. FrightFest last year was packed with over 600 people as we celebrated our last chance to be in costumes!

Black Diamond Formal: A prom-like formal done in the Winter to relax and have a good time with the people they like most.

Purple Garter Formal: A formal set in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA where brothers travel up there for a weekend with their dates to just have a good time!