Brothers in Phi Gamma Delta know that the main reason we are here at UC Irvine is to get an education and to prepare for our desired careers after graduation. While many people may feel that a fraternity will hurt their academics, Phi Gamma Delta has proven to do just the opposite. With the help of study habit development programming, minimum GPA requirements, rewards for excellent GPA, a UCI faculty member and having a fellow brother designated as our “scholarship adviser”, and free LARC tutoring offered by our graduate advisers, our chapter’s grades consistently rank among the top IFC fraternities. Internationally, Phi Gamma Delta boasts a 3.002 GPA, putting them at the top of all fraternities of similar size. We are a fraternity of men who hold high academic standards and who make it a priority to get good grades. We are motivated to push each other to the highest academic achievement by offering such resources, support, and rewards.

Phi Gamma Delta also offers $250 to EVERY pledge that receives a 3.2 GPA during their pledging quarter.

We STRESS scholarship and all of our brothers are more than welcome to help you along your college career.