Leadership training in Phi Gamma Delta is simply the best in the fraternity world. Through executive offices, committee chairman positions, and Inter Fraternity Council (IFC) positions, our members receive hands on leadership experience that have proven to be invaluable in our undergraduate and post-graduate careers.

Every year our headquarters holds a Fiji Leadership Academy to prepare each chapter’s up and coming leaders for their years to come. Whether it is through basic chapter operations or decision making on a fraternity-wide level, Fiji’s are prepared to be leaders by actually leading, not just being told how to do so. Decisions affecting the operation of our international fraternity are recommended and voted upon by our undergraduates across the continent, not men that graduated in the 50’s and are out of touch with the modern college experience. We are the ONLY fraternity in America that provides this responsibility to its undergraduates.

Below are some recent leadership positions we hold in both the school and Greek community:


2011-2012 Vice President of Electronic Dance Union (EDU)
2011-2012 C.O.R.E. Consultant (Campus Organizations)
2011-2012 Dean of Students Interns
2011-2012 ASUCI Office of the President Chief-of-Staff
2011-2012 ASUCI Interns


2010-2011 Dean of Students Interns
2010-2011 Vice President of the Electronic Dance Union (EDU)


2009-2010 Greek Week Marketing Executive
2009-2010 Greek Week Financial Executive
2009-2010 Co-President of Public Health Association
2009-2010 Co-President of the Young Democrats
2009-2010 ASUCI Vice President of Academic Affairs
2009-2010 ASUCI Speakers and Debates Commissioner
2009-2010 ASUCI SRFP Commissioner
2009-2010 ASUCI U-TEACH Assistant Commissioner
2009-2011 Student Managers of On-Campus Jamba Juice
2009-2011 Resident Advisors


2008-2009 Songfest Financial Executive
2008-2009 Greek Week Marketing Executive
2008-2009 ASUCI Vice President of Academic Affairs
2008-2009 ASUCI Chief of Staff
2008-2009 ASUCI Publicity Commissioner
2008-2009 ASUCI Student Services Interns
2008-2009 ASUCI Vendor Fair Coordinator
2008-2009 President of Young Democrats
2008-2009 President of Thai Club
2008-2011 President of Chemistry Club
2008-2009 Vice President of Math Club
2008-2009 Vice President of Public Health Association
2008-2009 President of Darfur Action Committee
2008-2009 President of Tha Agoura Club